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Free Wiki Talking Tours

Update : Wiki Talking Tours got a shout out on Windows Phone Radio 27 !

Ever wandered down the street looking around and wondering where, how and when? Been on the bus or train watching impressive buildings go by, or been on holidays and just wanting to know what things around you are. “Wiki Talking Tours” combines the vast knowledge of Geo tagged Wikipedia articles and your current location to give you a map of Wikipedia articles and talking guide of Wikipedia articles around you. Click on the pins on the map to get a brief description or click on the more option to get the full Wikipedia article.

Press “Play”, stick it in your pocket and go……

central park central park aerial view details

audio playing mode 

Zune/Marketplace link

The app is published in the Travel category by Apporista and is free. You can find out more about “Free Wiki Talking Tours” at the official web site:

A big thanks goes to Ralf Stauder for helping with the German translations!

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