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Emulator != Real device

May 15, 2011

While working on Picture of the Day i spent about 30min’s pulling my hair out trying to get light/dark theming working with the app bar buttons switching. This is when you switch between light and dark theming the buttons should switch between black and white to make them stand out. It appeared to work in blend but not on the emulator and unfortantely i didnt have access to my phone at that time, but later on plugging it in and running it own a real device i was able to see that it works.

This is not the first time i have come across issues, in earlier versions of the emulators the on screen keyboard did not work when you where in landscape mode.

So i have learnt my lesson twice now, whenever it doesnt work on the emulator and you think it should plug in the real phone and give it a go!

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