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Reading XDocument with namespaces

June 6, 2011

Building WP7 Apps i am forever producing and consuming webservices, the two most compatiable formats across the web that I deal with are XML and JSON. Normally XML is fairly easy but today I stumbled across a document that had me scratching my head.

<myns:response xmlns:myns=”” >

Normally if you want the result you would do something like this….

XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(xml);
var result = doc.Element(“response”);

This of course is not going to work, what we need to do is declare a Namespace Prefix and you will have your answer.

1. Add a namespace declaration

private static readonly XNamespace myns = ““;

2. Update to include the namespace

var result = doc.Element(myns +”response”);

and done, now get back work…..

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